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Earn big commissions by referring your clients or hire our Expert White Label SEO Services. Now you control the pricing of your SEO / SEM Packages.

Our reseller quotes are extremely competitive and very simple to manage. You won’t just be a number to us, we will work very closely as a team with you to ensure healthy business relation and success for your clients.

SEO / SEM Affiliate Program

Refer a customer to Annzo and get high margin with our simple Affiliate Program. All you have to do is brag about Annzo Corp in your Local Area. We offer payouts in different forms, such as Commission, Earning per Sale and Conversion Rate. Select any which fits you the most while working for us.

Annzo Corp Provides Significantimportance to Social Media Marketing therefore we have added SMM Services in Our Renowned Platinum SEO Package.

Existing clients can also use our Affiliate program to save big bucks, just be recommending their friends or family businesses for online exposure.

White Label SEO / SEM

Sit back and relax by Outsourcing your SEO / SEM needs to Annzo Corp. It's perfect for individuals who already have good relationship with their clients and simply want to enhance their client ratio, fulfilling scarce resource by outsourcing the technical assistance for SEO / SEM.

We offer complete range of SEO / SEM solutions to our Resellers.

Your Benefit

  • Annzo Corp can provide various website, blog and e-commerce site templates with all necessary SEO features in place for the resellers, also included are unbranded SEO progress reports which the reseller can forward to its clients with their own brand.
  • Resellers can benefit from our extensive teams including professional website designers and developers, content writers and SEO professionals, in case the reseller doesn’t have such human resources of their own.
  • The resellers can market to new clients as well as their existing clients through their own sources and marketing channels, and then the resellers can delegate all the work to us.
  • Annzo Corp provides fully discreet services and never uses or mentions the names of the resellers’ clients. Annzo Corp can also provide the resellers with unbranded analytical tools which they can further provide to the end clients, for monitoring the ranking, keywords and other stats of their websites or blogs.

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